About me

Amsterdam based artist

I am very interested in how far we can change ourselves, our bodies and our mind, into something we are not. Every surgery is unique, but are we still unique ? What will all be possible in the future? Will we have D.I.Y. packages at home to fix ourselves wherever, whenever needed. How far can we stretch, glue, stitch or fill our skin and what shapes can we create that are not existing yet on the human body. And what is this doing to our inner self? To our self love?

My fascination with the human body started when I got to observe live plastic surgery operations as part of my academical research at the Jewellery department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. It looked so easy to manipulate our skin, that I felt the need to explore this unnatural manipulation and every aspect of it.

My work is about my observations, psychological consequences and knowledge, preservation and research based stories all with one topic in common: The human body and all its complexity.