Short Stories


It is true, you can meet me as a very loving open-minded person, lots of fun to be around. But how you met me was not a realistic version of me. I have many more sides.
Sides I did not know existed. I am an expert in smelling your insecurities. But do not get me wrong, I am not interested in you, I am interested in how you appear, and what you can do to make me look better. I will lie to you as my entire existence is a lie. But you will not see it is as a lie, because it is also a truth. My truth, and if you get caught in my lie, I can make you the most miserable person in this world.

In the end it is all about me.

I am very much fascinated by people that appear to love themselves deeply, and portray this towards the outside world. By observing, feeling and experiencing I have tried to come closer to understand someone’s personality, their inner self, and their self love. For over six years I have been observing three persons in particular in their daily lives. They have become the three characters that I based my short stories on. Characters that have been around me all this time, but never took any effort to get close to me. These stories are not only about my own experience, but I also approximate their perspective, and then thirdly I let the little narcissistic voice in their own heads speak. Overall this time they trusted me completely and this gave me the freedom to start experimenting and to provoke new situations. They felt so comfortable around me, that they showed different sides of them and wanted to share everything with me. I know exactly what I have to feed every individual, to get them to behave how I would like them to. I am no one in their worlds, yet they need me.

Beside these stories I linked a new subject to every character, a subject that refers to the relation between the character, my thoughts, and research based information..