When our body is not representing our ideal image, we can argue if this is a loss or a liberation. 

I am interested in how far we can change ourselves, our bodies and our mind, into something we are not. Every surgery is unique, but are we still unique ? What will be all possible in the future? Will we have DIY packages at home, to fix ourselves wherever needed. How far can we stretch, glue, stitch, fill our skin. What shapes can we create that are not existing yet on the human body. And what is this doing to our inner self? To our self love?

The body is such a beautiful instrument, designed for everyone differently. It is the only thing we are all born with. How is it possible to manipulate, practice, construct this body you always carry with you and change it. Yet this became a very popular movement in all population segments. 

Inspired by live plastic surgery, I became the creator of my own vision on skin using already existing techniques. 

Inspiration: Breast Augmentation/manipulation – Wearable organs made out of the full amount of skin (m2) of a female body.