The sound of flower

Ongoing research – started in 2020

Though as we think of ourselves as free individuals, our choices are most certainly influenced by others. The society is changing us in many different ways, and the scary thing is that we don’t even realise it.
This project is about our personal development and social change through to others’ perception as a reflection of the self.

Phase 1:  –  Unaffected voices.
We will remain ourselves in the purest way possible, when the inner perception of oneself is untouched.

Phase 2:  – We are slowly adapting to our new disguise while extra layers are growing on us. 
Once we get caught it may be impossible to get out. 

Phase 3: – We’ve become part of society now.
The object of envy and desire of others

Each preserved leave represents an individual human being. 

Phase 1 – 21 x

Phase 2: coming soon

Phase 3: coming soon